May 23, 2018

Special Opportunity

by Rep. Ryan Guillen

Last Friday, another tragedy struck our state when a disturbed young man took the lives of ten students and teachers in Santa Fe, TX. As we mourn the victims and grieve for the families of those who lost their lives, we must address the issue of school safety. Already this year, more school children have been killed in their classrooms than U.S. service-members have died in combat. This disturbing fact highlights the need for action, and we have an opportunity this summer to build on the ongoing roundtable discussions and to address this critical issue in a special session before another school year begins.

Aiming True

While this most recent tragedy brings to light the need to consider meaningful school safety reforms, there are a plethora of issues in the realm of public education that deserve the legislature's attention before we convene again in 2019, including unaffordable healthcare for retired teachers, inadequate state funding for public schools, and out-of-date compensation rates for educators and staff. 

Rallying the Troops

I've called on Governor Abbott to order a special session to address urgent issues before the next school year begins, but your voice would help. Join the thousands of students, parents, teachers, and retirees who have already contacted the Governor to express their desire for action. Check out the images below to see what we've sent him and feel free to call or write to him yourself. 

Finding Good Fortune

Thomas Edison said, "Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning." As the opportunity to implement changes before the next school year wanes each day, it's my sincere hope that the current Governor-led discussions yield tangible and feasible plans to the challenges facing our schools.