July 3, 2018


by Rep. Ryan Guillen


It's nearly impossible to go anywhere on July 4th without hearing fireworks, smelling a cook-out, or seeing red, white, and blue. For 242 years, our country has celebrated its birth and independence proudly… on the wrong day. Many don't realize it, but the US officially became a nation on July 2, 1776 when the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence. However, the official declaration, authored by Thomas Jefferson, was approved and publicized on July 4th, and the rest is history. Our forefathers never minded celebrating the birth of the nation a few days late, and in 1870, the Fourth of July was made a federal holiday.


Better Late Than Never

As one of the most traveled holidays of the year, July 4th serves as a reminder of the service of our law enforcement officers in keeping us safe on the road, at home, and in our communities. Moreover, later this week, on July 7th, we observe Fallen Law Enforcement Officer Day in recognition of the ultimate sacrifice made by Texas law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. If you haven't recently, be sure to express your gratitude to a peace officer in your life.


Never Too Late

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Early and Bright

Whether it's attending a parade, or celebrating with friends and family, remember to be safe and smart before you get behind the wheel. Dalinda, the girls, and I wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day!