June 27, 2018

Supreme Summer

by Rep. Ryan Guillen

The first week of summer is typically known for bringing us barbeques, hot weather, and pool parties. But this year, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is kicking off the season with a slew of major decisions, including cases on Texas Redistricting, Online Sales Tax, the Travel Ban, and others that, one way or another, will have a major impact on Texas. 


Heating Up

Perhaps most directly impacting the legislature was SCOTUS's decision on Abbott vs. Perez. Possibly bringing an end to a seven year legal battle, the high court found there to be no intentional discrimination in the state's drawing of political maps and upheld all but one of the current legislative districts. In addition to setting a precedent for how political maps are drawn across the country, the decision is likely to escalate conflict between supporters of the current redistricting process and opponents as we draw nearer to the next map cycle.


Cool Off

If you're interested in letting us know your thoughts on recent SCOTUS decisions, or anything else on your mind, join us on our upcoming Listening Tour on July 14th. Cool off with a blizzard or a cold drink as we chat at a DQ near you. Check out our website or Facebook to find our schedule and plan your visit. 

Longest Days

Someone once told me, "No matter how many hours the sun shines, the days are only as long as we make them." I always took it to mean that, at the end of the day, we choose how we look at the world and how we spend our time accordingly. Let's make the most of these long summer days