May 14, 2019


By Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen

Day after day, first responders risk their lives in order to keep our communities safe. For their honorable service, these individuals deserve to be protected by the law. As an author of several legislative measures this session, I am working to provide greater support to Texas' first responders and ensure their protection.

Recently, the legislature took action on HB 359, which would help protect those injured in the line of duty from losing employment, and HB 872, which calls for financial assistance to be provided to the survivors of those who lose their lives while on-duty. Another bill, HB 41 has already been signed by the Governor and will go into effect later this year. It allows for volunteer firefighters and medical service volunteers to receive paid leave of absence when responding to an emergency.

The extraordinary individuals who willingly lay their lives on the line in their work to protect others from harm, not only deserve to be recognized for their bravery, but deserve to be protected themselves. I am proud to advocate on their behalf, and will continue to do everything I am capable of to ensure that our first responders receive proper protection under the law.