March 6, 2019


By Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen

   Every year, more than 2.4 million Texans purchase their hunting and fishing license in order to legally take part in the outdoor activities, while some of these very same people also make-up the 10,000 Texans who hold a concealed carry license.

   Veterans who are eligible and registered to receive benefits that they’ve rightfully earned as a result of serving their country, are another faction expected to carry a separate license on them, simply to access and utilize their benefits.

   And then there is the issue of voter registration, a requirement of all Texans who hope to exercise their constitutional right and participate in elections. Unfortunately, the process can be confusing and has actually shown to deter some from voting when they otherwise would.

   Here's the good news-- The vast majority of individuals in all of the aforementioned groups are already licensed Texas drivers. Therefore, I have filed legislation that would streamline these processes by creating different designations to be applied to an individual’s driver’s license, dependent upon eligibility. It is my hope that this will remove complexity and help to make the lives of Texans easier.