March 2, 2019

Happy Birthday Texas

By Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen

This weekend, this beautiful state that we call our home will turn 183 years old. On March 2, 1836, 59 delegates from Tejas gathered together to sign the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico. From then, Texas enjoyed nine years of reign, until she joined the United States on December 24, 1845.

Everything is Better in Texas

In 183 years, Texas has proved to the rest of the country and the world that her children can be proud of their Texan-hood. Not only is Texas the biggest state in the contiguous United States, she currently holds the title of being the second biggest economy in the country. As more and more multinational and small businesses choose to make Texas their home, she has truly shown the world the power of Texas and the dedication of her people to make this state great.

183 Years Old, Forever New

To serve Texas is my privilege and honor. It is my duty to ensure that what makes Texas amazing stays and what can improve the lives of fellow Texans becomes law. Measures that I have introduced, such as HB 1371 that allots funding to our teachers or HB 676 that allows spouses of veteran to get employment preferences, will help keep Texas great for generations to come.

Texas, Our Texas

If there is anything I learned in the past 16 years of service as a State Representative, it is that the valiance of Colonels James Bowie, William Travis, and his men who held their ground at the Alamo still remain in the lives of every Texan. Texas, our Texas, is only great because of her people.