February 12, 2019

Love Is In The Bill

By Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the spirit of love has touched even the most serious lawmakers at the Texas Capitol. With more than 1,500 bills already filed this session, the legislative process is integral to ensuring only the best bills get passed and become state law. This is no different from selecting one’s Valentine. In fact, the legislative process is like love in some ways.

Catching Feelings

Like feelings, legislation develops over time. Bills begin as ideas, which often are brought forth by constituents with an issue or in some cases, advocacy groups lobbying for a cause. As one may evaluate whether to pursue a new crush or not, only the most feasible and pertinent ideas will be drafted and filed as legislation.

The Courtship

The legislative process a bill goes through before becoming law could be compared to dating. In order to make it to the floor, proposed legislation requires committee approval, which is like vetting a new love interest with friends. The House and the Senate will get to know the bill through a series of readings and discussions before making the decision to move the legislation forward to the Governor to sign into law, similar to learning about a potential partner and your compatibility before defining the relationship.

Love Like Legislation

The legislative process, like falling in love, can be lengthy and difficult. However, this is only necessary to ensure that only the best and the most suitable bill becomes law and that only the best and most suitable person becomes your Valentine.