SEPTEMBER 13, 2019




AUSTIN – Texas State Rep. Ryan Guillen (D-Rural South Texas) recently announced a statewide average 12% cut in the school property tax rate, providing immediate relief to Texas taxpayers. 


"Property taxes are growing out of reach for many Texans and they're causing families to lose their hard earned property," explained Guillen. "Homeownership is vital to our economy and to the American dream, and this tax cut will provide real relief to those taxpayers."


Currently, tax payers are suffering. As local property values have risen, the state share of school funding has decreased. Under this new legislation, the state must increase their share of school funding, allowing for a cut in school property taxes. Specifically, school property tax rates will be reduced statewide by an estimated 8 cents (7.34%) per $100 of a home’s value in 2020 and a further 5 cents in 2021, reducing it by an estimated total of 12.4%. For the owner of a $100,000 home, that would amount to a decrease of about $80 in 2020 and $50 in 2021, for an estimated total of $130. 


The reduction amount is generated by taking the 2018 tax rate and reducing it by applying the state compression percentage of 93 percent, meaning school property taxes across the state will decrease by a minimum of 7 cents. 


"We must continue to find ways to provide Texas families with real property tax relief and help keep homeownership and the American dream alive in Texas," said Guillen. 


Every year, millions of Texans are fighting increases in the appraised value of their homes, and without state intervention their taxes will continue to rise. That’s why Guillen believes this legislation is extremely important to provide assistance to lower those rates and allow Texas families the chance to thrive amongst rising appraisal values. With a long history of fighting for property tax relief in Texas, Guillen will continue to make real property tax relief a top priority in the Texas legislature. 


Serving ten rural South Texas counties in the Texas House of Representatives, Ryan Guillen is known for his hard work, fierce independence, and relentless efforts for South Texas families. Recently, Capitol Inside called him a “House Bill Machine,” and a “one-person assembly line for legislation.” Since elected, few other legislators have passed more bills than Guillen. Sign up for updates at,, and