MARCH 15, 2018


South Texans Joined Guillen On Facebook Live For Town Hall


AUSTIN – On Wednesday, March 14th, Representative Ryan Guillen (D-Rural South Texas) hosted a Virtual Town Hall on Facebook Live to provide South Texans with a forum to answer their questions and inform them of helpful services available through his office.


"The goal of these online gatherings is to make everything more accessible for everyone. We wanted folks to join in from anywhere and ask about the topics that are most important to them," said Guillen. "It is essential to keep everyone up to speed with what is going on in Texas government and to give them an opportunity to make their voice heard."


Accessed via Facebook or though Ryan Guillen's website, the Virtual Town Hall went live at 6pm. He started the town hall by letting viewers know about events he will be hosting and programs that are available to the people of South Texas. That was followed by the representative answering questions that were submitted to him, ranging from what is to be expected in the next legislative session to healthcare.  Participants were able to submit questions before or during the event via Facebook and email, and those that were not answered during the town hall will be answered at a later time.


“Through Facebook Live, folks can now truly have the ease of access and the breadth of information available,” commented Guillen, “The goal is to connect people throughout South Texas to learn more ways on how to make our district even better.”