June 18, 2018


Guillen Highlights Road Safety, Infrastructure Improvements Prior to Summer Vacation Season


AUSTIN – As summer quickly approaches, Representative Ryan Guillen (D- Rural South Texas) highlights some of his work improving transportation infrastructure and safety in Texas.


“As millions of Texans hit the road this summer, it is important that they get where they are going safely and efficiently,” said Guillen.


Guillen was instrumental in passing two constitutional amendments that provide extra funding to the Texas Highway Fund. Proposition 1 and Proposition 7 both dedicate tax revenues to the Texas Department of Transportation for road building. These amendments have resulted in a funding increase of over $2.5 billion this year alone.


Guillen's fight for improved road infrastructure goes back to his first days in office, when he sponsored and authored legislation to fund over $100 million in road construction in colonias in South Texas. Attentiveness helps ensure highway safety, which is why Guillen voted to pass the texting-while-driving ban during the 2017 Legislative Session. This bill made it a misdemeanor offense for a driver to use a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. Guillen, like many others, was appalled by the deaths caused by cellphone use while driving and decided to take action.


“Summer is a time for family fun and vacation. Improvements to road infrastructure and highway safety help ensure that this will continue to be the case," added Guillen.


Serving ten rural South Texas counties in the Texas House of Representatives, Ryan Guillen is known for his hard work, fierce independence, and relentless efforts for South Texas families. Recently, Capitol Inside called him a “House Bill Machine,” and a “one-person assembly line for legislation.” Since elected, few other legislators have passed more bills than Guillen. Sign up for updates at,, and