October 8, 2019



AUSTIN – Texas State Rep. Ryan Guillen (D-Rural South Texas) wants to remind you that early voting for the November election is underway, and their are 10 important constitutional amendments on the ballot. Early voting for the November Election began on October 21st, 2019, and will continue until election day on November 5th, 2019. 


"The November election has begun, and I encourage all Texans make their voice heard at the ballot box," said Guillen. 


Changing and updating the Texas Constitution is no new feet in the Texas legislature. Since the constitution officially went into effect in 1876, there have been 498 constitutional amendments adopted since the 85th legislative session. During the 86th legislative session, the Texas legislature unanimously passed 10 constitutional amendments. The next step is to allow Texas citizens to vote and decide if these changes are worthy of implementation. Below is a quick description of each of the propositions: 


Proposition 1 (HJR 72): Permitting a person to hold more than one office as a municipal judge.

Proposition 2 (SJR 79): $200 million EDAP projects. 

Proposition 3 (HJR 34): Temporary tax exemption for certain property damaged by a disaster.

Proposition 4 (HJR 38): Banning individual income tax. 

Proposition 5 (SJR 24): 60% increase in park funding. 

Proposition 6 (HJR 12): $3 billion increase for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute.

Proposition 7 (HJR 151): Increased distributions to the available school fund. 

Proposition 8 (HJR 4): Creating the flood infrastructure fund. 

Proposition 9 (HJR 95): Exempt ad valorem taxation on precious metal held in this state. Proposition 10 (SJR 32): Allowing law enforcement animal to be adopted by a qualified caretaker. 


"These constitutional amendments have the potential to increase school, parks and cancer research funding, to further protect tax payers, and provide increased water and wastewater infrastructure for the communities that need it most," explained Guillen. "but it is up to the Texas voters to decide what gets implemented." 


Rep. Guillen encourages all able Texans to get out and vote, and do their part in shaping the future of Texas. 


Serving ten rural South Texas counties in the Texas House of Representatives, Ryan Guillen is known for his hard work, fierce independence, and relentless efforts for South Texas families. Recently, Capitol Inside called him a “House Bill Machine,” and a “one-person assembly line for legislation.” Since elected, few other legislators have passed more bills than Guillen. Sign up for updates at,, and