FEBRUARY  6, 2018


The Texas Association Of Business Names Guillen A "Fighter For Free Enterprise"


AUSTIN - Representative Ryan Guillen (D - Rural South Texas) is proud to announce that the Texas Association of Business (TAB) has named him a Fighter for Free Enterprise for his achievements in bringing jobs to Texas, promoting economic prosperity, and creating a thriving workforce.


"A strong economy and business climate is crucial to the economic prosperity of South Texans, so I work hard every day to ensure that the 'Texas Miracle' economy is thriving and that our businesses have the resources they need to succeed," said Guillen.


TAB is among the most important business groups in Texas, representing the interests of all businesses in Texas ranging from the largest multi-national corporations to the smallest mom and pop shops on Main Street. Its core mission is to work in a bi-partisan manner to improve the Texas business climate and make the state's economy strong.


Guillen recognizes the crucial role a strong economy plays in the livelihood of South Texans, so he has worked hard to pass many pieces of legislation to improve the business climate in Texas. In the last few years, Guillen has cut the state business tax, expanded financial assistance to rural small businesses, established an economic development and job training fund, cut burdensome regulations and red tape, increased funding for economic development, and created the Emerging Technology Fund to help ensure that Texas is able to attract high-tech jobs to the state. As a result, the unemployment rate in the district has fallen and average wages are increasing.


"Every day, I strive to bring good jobs to South Texas and to keep them there," added Guillen. "We've accomplished so much in the last few years, but much remains to be done. I am happy to have the support of the business community as we work together to improve the livelihood of all South Texans."


Serving ten rural South Texas counties in the Texas House of Representatives, Ryan Guillen is known for his hard work, fierce independence, and relentless efforts for South Texas families. Recently, Capitol Inside called him a “House Bill Machine,” and a “one-person assembly line for legislation.” Since elected, few other legislators have passed more bills than Guillen. Sign up for updates at,, and