April 5, 2018


Representative Uses Autism Awareness Day to Bring Attention to Children With Disabilities


AUSTIN- Representative Ryan Guillen (D - Rural South Texas) continues to fight cyberbullying and advocate for children with disabilities on autism awareness day.


"As today is Autism Awareness Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to reiterate the many challenges that special needs students face in school, and the many things that we are doing in state government to meet those challenges head on," said Guillen. "It is essential that we are all involved with our children's well-being and online safety."

Recent numbers show the percentage of individuals that have experienced cyberbullying at some time has nearly doubled from 18% to 34% from 2007 to 2016. There has also been a correlation between bullying offline and cyberbullying, and about 90% of teens report they experience both. Children with disabilities report higher rates of victimization than children without disabilities and report being bullied more consistently over time. A study has shown that 63% of children with autism between the ages of 6 to 15 have been bullied at some time in their life.

Guillen and other members of the 85th legislature took action. Rep. Guillen was crucial to the passing of David's Law, which came into effect on September 1st, 2017. This law gives schools the authority to address bullying that is happening online as well as on campus and requires school districts to provide and promote mental health education programs, substance abuse prevention and intervention programs, and suicide prevention programs. Additionally, Guillen secured $40 million for grants to schools to help provide students with autism and dyslexia the support they require.

"As your representative I am committed to fighting for the well-being of everybody in South Texas, including our most vulnerable groups, and especially children."

Serving ten rural South Texas counties in the Texas House of Representatives, Ryan Guillen is known for his hard work, fierce independence, and relentless efforts for South Texas families. Recently, Capitol Inside called him a “House Bill Machine,” and a “one-person assembly line for legislation.” Since elected, few other legislators have passed more bills than Guillen. Sign up for updates at,, and