A proud family man, small businessman, and product of teachers, cattle ranchers, and war veterans, Ryan Guillen grew up in South Texas working as a ranch-hand to help his family make ends meet. A high-ranking and accomplished legislator, he is known as the “House Bill Machine” for his relentless work ethic, and as a true public servant, not a politician, for his unparalleled accessibility, sincere humility and personable character.


Although Republicans control the legislature, Ryan continues to find ways to help our families through his successful efforts to provide our students with more opportunity, to expand access to health care, to help build a strong, robust economy, to safeguard our property, natural resources and our rural way of life, to keep our communities safe, and to support our veterans and military families.

He represents House District 31 in the Texas House which encompasses ten South Texas counties including Atascosa, Brooks, Duval, Jim Hogg, Live Oak, Kenedy, La Salle, McMullen, Starr, and Willacy, and previously Webb and Zapata. Ryan and his wife Dalinda, have two daughters, Cinco Demi and Viva Bonita.


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Are essential components of the Texas economy. By planning for the future and working closely with farmers, ranchers, sportsmen, water experts, and the energy sector, we can develop sustainable practices to preserve and grow Texas's most precious resources.



Everything's bigger in Texas--especially when it comes to our rich heritage, vibrant culture, and legendary history. To keep the millions from across the state and around the world who travel Texas to enjoy our state parks, historic sites, and colorful cities and communities coming back, it's essential that we protect and promote our most valuable resources.


Texas is widely known for its size and economic prosperity, but leading the pack doesn’t mean the work is over. By continuing to provide tax relief, investing in our infrastructure, cutting red tape, and maintaining fiscal responsibility, we will safeguard our economic dominance



There is no task more important than cultivating the minds of our youth. By maintaining competitive academic standards, arming educators with necessary resources, training students for college and career preparedness, and increasing opportunities and affordability, we create a stronger workforce, an informed society, and a better future for our children.



Charged both with safeguarding our natural resources and fostering economic development, we walk a fine line to ensure responsible and taxpayer friendly practices as we meet the state's growing energy needs.



As taxpayers, we expect our government to be open, honest, accessible, and to respect our freedom.


The foundation of a healthy society is having healthy citizens. We must work to take care of our most vulnerable--the young, the old, the sick, and the disabled.



Law enforcement officers and emergency responders protect our state and quality of life, but face unique challenges due to our state's size and geography. By providing the necessary resources and tools, we ensure that Texas's finest and bravest can continue to keep us safe.



From our multi-lane interstates to our farm-to-market roads, the state highway system is the lifeblood of Texas's economy. Whether you use our roads to commute to work, get to school, to shop, or just to get around, ensuring that our infrastructure meets the growing demands of our society is essential to sustaining a vibrant economy. 


God bless our veterans. We are fortunate that so many Americans and fellow Texans have fought to keep the rest of us safe and free. Texas has the top job climate for veterans, and it's our duty to honor their service by providing the best environment for them and their families.


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