October 12, 2018


Honored For Defending Vocational Ed and Workforce Training

AUSTIN Recognizing him for his work in the legislature promoting important career training in many different professional and vocational fields in the state legislature, the College and Career Schools of Texas (CCST) named Representative Ryan Guillen (D- Rural South Texas) their "2018 Legislative Champion."


"In today's economy, career schools and colleges play an essential part in the higher education space as more and more employers are looking for young people with professional workforce training," said Guillen, congratulating the association for their job training successes. "Traditional vocational programs get kids off their cell phones with hands on learning, which is key to ensuring our next generation is prepared to go to work."


CCST is the state association for private, post secondary that prepare people for today’s jobs and great careers. There are approximately 200 colleges and schools in the state offering a wide range of occupational curriculum. These colleges and schools enable more students to reach their career goals, provide employers with a large pool of skilled workers, and ultimately expand the state’s tax base by attracting and expanding business in Texas.


Representative Guillen told the group that he is proud of the work he and the association have done together in the legislature. Among those accomplishments are keeping the cost of education low by limiting proposed increases in state fees, supporting broader veterans' benefits, preserving standards in training for surgical technicians, and maintaining reasonable regulations for cosmetology training.


Guillen warned the educators the new year would bring a challenging legislative session, including continued growth of the higher education school age population. "There is a continuing need to offer better technology to prepare young people for a changing economy, and to support college and career schools against over-regulation which would increase tuition costs and limit access to those who want a professional career," said Guillen.


"Last session, and in years past, I have always enjoyed working with schools to protect the integrity of their programs and to make improvements in what they offer our young people and those who want to improve their lives. I look forward to continuing our work together," Representative Guillen said.